2014 – Kachifo Limited Launches Breeze Books and Kamsi – Two New Imprints.

2014 is here and in our continual striving to “Tell our own Stories“, we, Kachifo Limited, publishers of the Farafina imprint of books, announce the start of a new era in our history: the launch of two new imprints.

Breeze Books


Nigerian genre fiction will see a renaissance in the coming years and Kachifo Limited is poised to be a leader in this field. From the early years, Kachifo Limited has been interested in getting these kinds of stories to our people. Eghosa Imasuen’s first novel, To Saint Patrick (2008) then published under the Farafina imprint, was a crime, police-procedural, that played with the tropes of the Alternate History genre. Stories like this will be well represented here. As will Romance, Mystery, Thrillers, and Scifi/Fantasy novels and short stories. They will be released in hard copy and eBook format.

We have spent the last few months silently acquiring these stories. The first of these books are slated for release in Early April, at the start of the second quarter of 2014.

Kamsi Books


Ever wanted to read books that covered the lifestyles of Nigerians? Ever wanted a fresh look at your celebrities and opinion formers and makers? What about a collection of essays that is not  stuffy or overly self-important? And that recipe you have always wanted, wouldn’t you like to see this in a book, well-packaged, beautifully illustrated, and with measurements in figures you can understand? Then Kamsi Books is the place to come to. Kamsi Books is Kachifo’s new lifestyle imprint and will be focused on bringing creative non-fiction, celebrity memoirs, lifestyle books, cooking books, travel books, etc, to the reading public. We know you will enjoy the first of our entries, which are expected to hit the bookshops, and eBook vendors by March of 2014.


Kachifo Limited is always looking for new voices. Please keep on sending your queries for publications and your writing samples to submissions@kachifo.com.

In Other News

Farafina, the literary imprint of Kachifo Limited is set to release second editions of some of your favourite novels. Pocket-sized, freshly designed editions of such favourites as Fine Boys by Eghosa Imasuen, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Half of a Yellow Sun, by the same author, and which will be sporting a film tie-in cover, will hit the stands in March of 2014.

Farafina will also be publishing the Nigerian edition of Yejide Kilanko‘s Daughters Who Walk This Path early in the 2nd half of 2014. 

As the weeks go by you will receive announcements specifically about each of these new projects. Please help us spread the word.

10 thoughts on “2014 – Kachifo Limited Launches Breeze Books and Kamsi – Two New Imprints.

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  2. Igbos normally say “praise one 4 his mighty deeds and he will be encouraged to do more”- this actually what d Farafina press is doing to the young Nigeria and Africa writters and in d Same way I am also saying Kudos to them for their invaluable contributions towards moving our black nations to a greater lenght…..OguguaOnah

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  6. i realy luv ur works,helping nigerian young aurthors by developing their talent.i just read a mail sent to me by brain grove;that some people have good and fantastic manuscipt to be published,but thier cover letters submitted may not be good enough to attract the publisher.pls i wnt 2 knw wat u realy need 2 see 4rm d cover letter submitted 2 u.tnx n God bless u

  7. “Help us to spread the word”? Well of course!
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