Iron Love

By Amatesiro Dore 30 July 2013

Black and Yellow were best of friends and fiancées of two brothers. They met at the University and had survived sleeping with each other’s boyfriends. They still fought over unpaid loans, and they competed for first to the altar. Aside from listening to each side of the story whenever they fought, the brothers judged not; the ladies would always argue, fight, cry, and reconcile.

They had a friend, tall like Black and curvaceous like Yellow, call her BY. She lived down the street, worked nights at an unknown, and visited the flatmates on Sunday mornings.

When it happened, BY was eating rice at Black and Yellow’s. Black was pressing her clothes, and Yellow was waiting to use the iron.

“Check out this gown,” Black said, “Doesn’t it highlight my skin?”

“Yes, it does,” BY said with a mouthful of rice.

“Imagine it on me, my body will bring out the shape,” Yellow said.

“Yes it would,” BY said and drank water to ease her throat.

“See my pretty long legs,” Black said, “the gown sits comfortably on my knees, right?”

“Yes,” BY said, “yes it does.”

“Can’t I just wear high heels,” Yellow said, “and the gown will be perfect on me.”

“Yes you can,” BY said.

“I hate liars! Please tell us the truth,” Black said, “Who does the gown best fit?”

“Yes, stop manipulating us,” Yellow said, “Who’s the best person to wear the gown.”

“The gown will fit both of you,” BY said, swallowing her rice in peace.

“You must choose oh!” Black said.

“You cannot eat our rice and reserve judgement!” Yellow said.

BY continued to eat the rice in silence, Yellow kicked the spoon from her mouth and Black pressed the hot iron on her back. BY screamed, she hollered from the flat to the hospital. The brothers begged BY not to inform the police, and they negotiated compensation on behalf of the iron ladies. BY went away with the gown and never visited again.

The Sunday after the ironing, the brothers forced Black and Yellow to attend their church. The building was beautiful and the music was great, the Pastor was handsome and the love of God filled their hearts. Black and Yellow ceased their daily quarrels and began inviting neighbours to church. They quit their jobs and began working for God at the Church office. They ended their engagements to the brothers because the siblings became jealous of the Pastor. When they went to invite BY to church, the neighbourhood heard her scream.

“Please leave me alone o! I even prefer when you girls were ironing people,” BY said.

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