Introducing the 3G Series by Prof. Remi Sonaiya

Governance and politics have always been  hot topics in Nigeria, and with the 2011 elections and the recent fuel subsidy issue, this is even more so. The 3G series presents an opportunity for Nigerians, young and old, to get together and plot Nigeria’s future.

3G (Getting Good Governance) is a series of symposia that seeks to engage with the challenges confronting Nigeria. It will be held periodically and is born out of a commitment to seeing good governance instituted in Nigeria. The first forum is tagged “Governance and the Crisis of Trust in Nigeria,” and will involve three segments:

a. Leadership Evolution: cultural impediments to democratic leadership; qualifications (training, skills, competencies) required for leadership; internal democracy in political parties; etc.
b. Practice/Conduct of Governance: general behaviour of elected officials; transparency in policy formation and implementation; provision of services to the populace; “diaspora” politicians; etc.
c.  Citizens’ Rights and Responsibilities: mechanisms for citizens’ empowerment in terms of their rights and responsibilities and how to demand accountability from those they have elected into office.

As part of the proposed symposium, there will be a public presentation of the book, A Trust to Earn: Reflections on Life and Leadership in Nigeria, written by Remi Sonaiya. Copies of the book will be available for sale at the venue.

Details of the event are as follows:

Date: Saturday, March 10 2012
Time: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Venue: Banquet Hall, Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja

For more details, please contact Prof. Remi Sonaiya on 08034958487, or