Selected Participants: 2016 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop

The following applicants have been selected to participate in the 2016 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop:

1. Chisom Sunny-Eduputa
2. Akintunde Aiki
3. Pamela Naaki Tetteh
4. Ige Abimbola
5. Chinaza Attama
6. Miracle Adebayo
7. Lesley Agams
8. Ama Diaka
9. Munachim Amah
10. Osayuware Obaigbo
11. Grace Saleh
12. Fatima Mohammed
13. Olakunle Ologunro
14. Chioma Okolo
15. Tobore Ovuorie
16. Amy Woluchem
17. Aishat Abiri
18. Funmi Unuajefe
19. Ifeoluwa Nihinlola
20. Onwuasoanya Chika
21. Nnamdi Anyadu
22. Umar Turaki
23. Nneoma Ike-Njoku
24. Chinaza Ezeoke

The workshop will run from June 21 to July 1, at the end of which there will be a Literary Evening open to the public.

Congratulations to the selected participants!

20 thoughts on “Selected Participants: 2016 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop

  1. Congratulations to all those selected, I guess I will try again next year because I want to be read. I really wish to know few things on how to improve my writing skills. I will be glad if all the winning entries are published, we learn everyday.

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  3. Congrats to the selected participants. However, I would like Farrafina Trust to reply to the un-selected participants as to why their works were not selected and what they could do to improve. This would help to fill the blanks in the minds of those who submitted but were not selected. We need to know. What did I not write well, what is lacking, what steps should I take to improve?

    Thank you!

  4. Congratulations to the chosen ones! But just like Fifi suggested, it’ll really help us if we could get to know the manner of writing that works for you. I sent in my entry last year and this year also, but haven’t been lucky. This clearly shows that I really would love to participate in this workshop. So please, consider publishing the entries of the selected participants. It will help aspiring candidates to make better attempts next year.

    Farafina, would you do that, please?

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  6. Big, big con-gra-tu-la-tions to all who have been selected!
    I wish you all a rewarding workshop.

  7. Big, big con-gra-tu-la-tions to the participants!
    I wish you a rewarding workshop experience.

  8. I will like to sincerely congratulate the cabdidates. This is a lifetime opportunity ,please I enjoin you guys to make the best of it. It was indeed painful that I wasn’t shortlisted , I had really prepared for the camping . Better luck next time I guess. Thanks for the opportunity. Cheers

  9. congratulations to the selected participants
    I suggest that the winning entries be uploaded so others can learn from them too. It’s only fair for those who lost out to arm themselves for next time

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