2016 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop


Farafina Trust will be holding a creative writing workshop in Lagos, organized by award-winning writer and creative director of Farafina Trust, Chimamanda Adichie, from June 21 to July 1, 2016. The workshop is sponsored by Nigerian Breweries Plc. The Caine Prize-winning Kenyan writer, Binyavanga Wainaina, Aslak Sira Myhre and others will co-teach the workshop alongside Adichie.

The workshop will take the form of a class. Participants will be assigned a wide range of reading exercises, as well as daily writing exercises. The aim of the workshop is to improve the craft of writers and to encourage published and unpublished writers by bringing different perspective to the art of storytelling.

Participation is limited only to those who apply and are accepted.

To apply, send an e-mail to udonandu2016@gmail.com. Your e-mail subject should read ‘Workshop Application’. The body of the e-mail should contain the following:
1.Your Name
2. Your Address
3. A few sentences about yourself
4. A writing sample of between 200 and 800 words. The sample must be either fiction or non-fiction.

All material must be pasted or written in the body of the e-mail. Please DO NOT include any attachments in your e-mail. Applications with attachments will be automatically disqualified.

Deadline for submission is May 20, 2016. Only those accepted to the workshop will be notified by June 10, 2016. Accommodation in Lagos will be provided for all accepted applicants who are able to attend for the ten-day duration of the workshop. A literary evening of readings, open to the public, will be held at the end of the workshop on July 1, 2016.

Good luck!


154 thoughts on “2016 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop

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  2. Hello, its 10th of June and i am still waiting for your reply. Although, I sent my application very late on the deadline. I would love to know if it has already been disqualified or i should still await your response? Thank you.

  3. How do I check the list of selected participants for the 2016 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop?

  4. Good afternoon
    I believe today is June 10. Have all the accepted applicants received their answers by now? Thank you.

  5. Hi, sorry for the disturbance. Have you selected
    the participants for
    the workshop? I have been tensed up since
    morning. Could you?

  6. I’ve been anxiously checking my email since morning, I just want to know if the selected applicants have already been notified?

  7. Please have the success emails gone out? Today is June 10. I wanted to confirm as I am really expectant

  8. I would like to enquire as to when successful candidates for the writing workshop are going to be notified and how many are going to be selected?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Have the successful applicants been contacted yet, and how many candidates will be accepted to attend the workshop?

  10. Hi Farafina Books, just writing to check what the time deadline was for the 20th of May and if there’s any way of knowing if my email was acknowledged in time before such an hourly cut-off (if it applies).

  11. Hello, I’m in SA. Will I be required to have both a passport and a Visa and pay for my own travel expenses?

  12. Hello! I found out about this competition on the 21st. I know the deadline was on the 20th but is there any way you can still consider me for the workshop? I am currently in the U.S but making my way back to Africa (Tanzania to be exact) on June 1. I would really love the opportunity to hone my craft via the workshop.

    Thanks for reading!
    Angela R.

  13. Dear Farafina Books,
    I Just came to a knowledge of the deadline today, and would like to know will there be any opportunities like this one in the future to work with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie? or similar workshops of this quality and length of days with expenses paid for? Thank you for your response in advance.

  14. Good day Farafina Books and thanks for this opportunity. Thank you also for taking the time to answer our many questions. A little late now, since I have already submitted my entry but I wonder if footnotes for non English words are permitted. I know you were quite clear about the strict word count and it’s just occurred to me that I added some footnotes for some Namibian slangs, which I used in the excerpt. Do let me know if this eliminates my chances of selection, if they will just be ignored or if the footnotes will be reviewed inspite of being in excess of the word limit. Hope my somewhat convoluted question makes sense.

    With gratitude,

  15. Hello, i would like to know if an already sent mail can be resent if mistakes and omissions need to be corrected?

  16. uhmm..I want to ask why the successful applicants is too small since its a worldwide opportunity…..thankyou

  17. Hello I have just sent two emails. One unedited application which had exceeded the word count limit titled ‘Workshop Application’ and the correct one within the word count limit titled ‘Workshop Application (800 words).’ I would like to know if my second and corrected application has been received as I only received a confirmation email for the first email sent. Regards

  18. This is quite cerebral. Please I noticed entries of fiction and non-fiction will be accepted, but poetry as a genre of literature, is it also accepted?

  19. Hi

    Are you allowed to resubmit an application email in order to change the sample? I pasted a poem as a sample. From the comment thread, it’s clear that the workshop is aimed at prose writing as opposed to any form of writing and I believe the samples will be considered on this basis.

  20. The opportunity is great, however I think there is a short amount of time given for logistical planning. Ensuring finances for a flight, getting a visa, applying for work leave. I think there could be more time given for planning for those who are accepted between the acceptance date and the workshop start date (for future).

  21. my first application was totally disturbed at the cyber cafe,it was incomplete, so i decided to resend it and complete it, hope its okay

  22. during my application i had some complications and i sent an incomplete text…..can i send it again

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  24. Dear Farafina and fellow Applicants;

    I submitted my application yesterday, I hope to get good news on the 10th of June.

    For those looking for air fare funding, please check out http://www.princeclausfund.org to see if you qualify. It is too late to apply for this year’s workshop as they want the application to be in 8 weeks before date of departure but there’s always next year.

    Goodluck everyone!

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  26. Greetings.
    I would like to ask a few questions.

    Do you only notify people who have made it through and leave the rest who have not made it through?
    I am from South Africa, I am hoping I do make it, how prepared should I be for the traveling in terms of finance? .

    My university provides financial help with workshops and the faculty of arts would assist because its linked to my course… I hope my question makes sense…
    My goal is to be fully prepared for the 10th of June without any delay or any interruptions.

    Warm regards
    Sive Jacobs

  27. Dear, Farafina Books,

    Hope you’re doing well.

    My name is aalisha and I am a writer based in Mumbai, India.

    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has been someone who I have admired and looked up to ever since I knew of her work and she has truly been a role model to my generation and the future generations to come. This workshop under the mentorship of Chimamanda Adichie, Binyavanga Wainaina and Aslak Sira Myhre will be invaluable to my growth as a writer.
    It would be such an honor to be considered to submit my application towards this workshop and thereby wished to know if submissions sent in by International applicants are accepted by the Farafina Trust?

    Kindly let me know.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Warm Regards,

  28. Hello Farafina Trust.
    I send my application earlier today and got an automated response soon after; good luck to me. Thank you so much.
    Peter, regards.

  29. It is a nice forum and it is yet another opportunity to apply again. May God continue to bless all.but I am of the opinion you increase the paticipants.

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  31. Hi,

    I would like to apply but my last exam finishes on the 21st June, which means I’ll fly into Nigeria on the 22nd. Does this disqualify me from applying?

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  33. Please Dear Farafina Books,
    Will there be someone whom we can call and get directives from?That is so that someone doesn’t take advantage of the fact that I am an expatriate.What is the address of the venue for the workshop?
    And what precautions should I take traveling in Nigeria given the Boko Haram insurrection?
    I will be very grateful if you clarify me on all these issues I have raised.
    Hans Ngala

  34. Dear Farafina Books.
    Warm greetings from this end once again.I have made findings and it is certain that I won’t need a passport or visa to travel from Cameroon to Nigeria but will need a pass at the border though.I wish to find out how safe south eastern Nigeria is,given the Boko Haram insurrection. I would need to drive all the way to where the workshop will be holding.Is it very safe driving in Nigeria?What precautions must I take as an expatriate and will there be a number I can call just to make sure I am headed the right way ?

  35. Hello, do i have to always be within the accomodation provided if i get selected. Can i for example go to work and come back to the venue type of thing.. I might not be granted my annual leave for that date. So are participants going to be locked up in the house at all times?

  36. I’ll like to know how to keep to the exact number of word needed please… to keep to the word count, does that mean I have to count my words one by one to make sure they don’t exceed 800? Great opportunity you’re providing by the way… thanks.

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  38. Hello! I appreciate this opportunity. One question though: Can one send an excerpt of a piece together with a full piece as long as it is within the word count limit?
    Kind regards.

  39. please will each sender be notified if whether or not his or her application has been received

  40. Thanks for this offer. I love to inspire and I’m passionate about it, do you mind if i send an inspirational piece about purposeful living? So i can know what to write because i really need to be part of this training to enhance my skills and wouldn’t want to write off point. Thanks

  41. Reblogged this on Afropolitanis and commented:
    A very interesting opportunity for youth african writers. I would have really like to be there but i can’t cause i would be following an internship at the National Library of France.

  42. Hello Farafina,
    Is selection of entries done by a lucky deep/random collection, or is there something your judges look out for in the 800 word writing that determines who gets accepted or not? Also, aside this annual workshop, what other opportunities are open to emerging writers from Farafina?

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  45. Good day, must one be an English major to be considered or can anyone from any discipline, e.g. an engineering degree, apply and have a fair chance as the former?

      • Dear Farafina
        Considering the stress and hectic of your conference. will farafina provide transport fares, meals and lounge for successful applicants in Nigeria, meals and lounge. I know this conference is for Nigerians, and sponsored by Nigeria Breweries. how do you checkmate that applicants are Nigerians. thanks

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  54. Please dear sir/madam,can you please tell me whether I would need a passport to travel to Nigeria from Cameroon?What other documents (if any) do I need to have in order to travel to Nigeria and will there be someone around to give me directives to the exact address where the workshop wil be holding?

    • Dear Hans,

      Accepted participants will be given details of the workshop venue and accommodation. However, participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. Please contact the immigration service in your country for information as to travel documents and the like.

  55. what a greater opportunity. what about traveling expenses outside Nigeria? from Malawi in particular

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  57. Hi, From your responses to previous comments, should I keep sending my entry till I get the automated reply?


    • Please do not send any more emails. It is possible that your email has been delivered as spam and this is why you have received no automated response. If so, this is no problem as the spam box is always checked. Your entry will be read.

  58. Hello. I am an English teacher in Port Harcourt. My school so much loves to teach creative writing to our students. When I told the management about this workshop, they said I should find out if some of our students could attend and the school will take care of their accommodation and feeding.

    I will be grateful if I receive a prompt response. Thank you.

  59. Is it possible to review your announcement date. If you are from Swaziland and you get accepted, 10 days is a short period to organise funding and flights.

  60. I sent my entry a week ago and I am yet to receive a confirmation notification. Can I resend just to be sure it was received

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  62. Please, what if I apply and get picked to participate but unfortunately won’t be able to make it on the said day. Is there anything that can be done if I miss it? Because I really want to be part of this. Thank you.

  63. Would you accept more than one text in the sample? For example, flash fiction pieces that, together, amount to less than 800 words.

  64. This looks fantastic. I am a spoken word poet, and I would love to apply for a workshop like this. However, I am of Indian origin, living in the UK, and I was wondering if I was even eligible for this workshop? Do let me know. Regardless, all the best to the others, and I hope the workshop unravels wonderfully.

  65. Hi. Is this opportunity open to applicants that reside outside Nigeria? If so, what financial support is available for travel purposes? Thank you advance for your response.

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  67. Hi. I am a 17 year old aspiring writer from Gombe. I am interested in the workshop but I think the timing is not in my favour. I will probably be writing NECO’s Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination at the time. I am curious to know if there will be another edition next year. I also want to know if I can attach a poem presumably written by a character in my entry.
    Thank you

  68. Following a year hiatus from entering the workshop – I could only make the seventy man shortlist last time – I’d like to know what Farafina is looking for in our stories.
    P. S. palms up to you guys for your continuous effort in watering young African writers.

  69. I did not receive any automated reply. In fact I did not get the said automated reply the last time either. I just rechecked to be sure I sent to the right email address. Does the automated reply take a while.
    Do I need to resend?

    • Please give it a few days, and if you still do not get a response you can resend your entry or send an enquiry.

      Sometimes, entries do end up in the Spam folder. But the Spam folder is regularly checked, and so even emails that end up there will be read.

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  71. Thank you for this opportunity, Farafina. Do applicants receive a confirmation of the receipt of their entry?

  72. please, allow me lend my voice to a particular question spoken in silence…
    when your platform [FTCWW] says ‘writing sample’ does it mean that one can lift and send an excerpt within the spcified range from a body of his/her work, or that one should send a complete work within that same range…
    please, simplify

  73. Good evening
    Is francophone writers van suscribe on 2016 Farafina Trust créative workshop?

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  75. This is a great opportunity. Please, I want to be clear about something; will the said accommodation to be provided be free for those that will be willing to come from outside Lagos?

  76. Hello, Please if you would not consider my application to the workshop,kindly stop sending me emails about your activities. Last year,all the girls I referred,to apply,got selected&I wasn’t.And I never complained. This time,am obliged to still refer more people in my contact,probably because as a writer I have lots of friend writers,though I never studied arts,but I enjoy it as my hobby. Thank you. Obinna NWANKWO +2348068522515

    • Dear Obinna,

      You receive emails from us because you subscribed to posts from this blog. If you would like to stop receiving these emails, kindly unsubscribe. You should find the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email.

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