CAVEAT EMPTOR: Fake Copies of Americanah

The pirates are at it again. It has come to our attention that counterfeit copies of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel, Americanah, published in Nigeria by Kachifo Ltd under its Farafina imprint, are being sold by street vendors and certain bookshops.

This issue highlights the dilemma faced by Nigerian publishers, writers artistes, filmmakers, in fact all producers of creative content: become too popular, create something that “reigns” and risk getting your creation hijacked by thieves and criminals.

We have reported the matter to the NCC and other relevant enforcement agencies. At the moment we know that the pirated version was designed and printed off of a single scanned copy of the Nigerian edition of this book.

We need your help, friends and family of Farafina. We need you to not buy the faked version of our book. We need you to say to the pirates, No, I will not help you destroy honest hardworking people. I will not.

This is not a victimless crime.

See the photo in this post. The fake copy is the one on theleft. Notice that it uses a dark wine colour (unlike the original which has a maroon finish textured with specks of black). Notice that the image of the fountain pen is photoshopped and drawn-in, with the shadow darker than in the original. On the inside, the text bleeds, as it wasn’t produced from a print-ready high quality file.

Counterfeit copy of Americanah on the right of the picture. The original is on the left.

Counterfeit copy of Americanah on the left of the picture. The original is on the right.

There. You have the information. Watch this post for updates. We will name and shame bookshops who sell pirated copies of our books.


9 thoughts on “CAVEAT EMPTOR: Fake Copies of Americanah

  1. I think that Farafina should do more by arresting some of the sellers of pirated copies of their books and through them swoop on the publishers, charge them to court and have them jailed. Farafina should pool resources with other publishers & work with the police & NCC. Buyers boycott is good but the root of the crime should also be attacked.

  2. No matter what happens, i will never buy a pirated copy of this novel, cos i believe so much in chimamanda, but improve ur distribution network cos i looked for this novel soooo much in jos but couldnt get it

  3. I totally support you guys on this.

    It is just so sad. I can now say for sure that the copy of Americanah I saw last week from a distance with someone, was a counterfeit one. It just looked different and the red portion of the cover suspiciously darker.

    No to piracy!

    I bought my copy of Americanah from Farafina and got it autographed by Chimmy, by the way..:)

  4. I regret the piracy of Americanah. However, don’t you think street vendors are here to stay, at least for now, in Nigeria? Perhaps Kachifo should search for ways to work with street vendors and not approach book distribution the Euro-centric way. I guess the organization may have given my idea some thoughts. But honestly, it should have expected the piracy and tried a proactive approach instead. I wish you the best.

  5. Thank you so much for this info. I will help in shaming this evil act of some wicked Nigerians who love to reap where they didn’t sow. I took it upon myself to travel all the way to Lagos from Minna to buy “Americanah” from Farafina. I don’t know why others who love Adichie can’t do so. I believe any of Chimamanda’s fan will remain faithful by not buying any of her pirated books.

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