Get Beem Explores Africa FREE Today!

Get Beem Explores Africa free today on Amazon Kindle!

Beem Amazon Ad

Farafina has collaborated with Worldreader to bring African books to people around the world and springboard into the digital future.This happy partnership has led to free purchases of Beem Explores Africa via Amazon.

Beem Explores Africa follows a young Nigerian girl, Beem, as she explores the continent of Africa, meets its people and animals, and visits its key geographical and historical sites.

This book, written by Simidele Dosekun, introduces children to the physical and human geography of Africa. It has easy-to-read text, a glossary to explain key geographical terms, and vivid hand-painted illustrations. Beem Explores Africa encourages in children a sense of adventure, tolerance of cultural difference, and responsibility for nature.

Beem Explores Africa has been shortlisted as one of the most compelling and original works on their digital platform biNu and as a result has been selected to be showcased and promoted by Worldreader.

Beem Explores Africa will only be free today so click away:


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