JUNE 12 Lagos Book Tour



The June 12 Lagos book tour kicked off on Saturday the 20th of June, 2013,at the Patabah  book store and continued on Sunday the 21st of June, 2013, at The Hub.  On both occasions, the author’s reading from the book drew laughter from those in attendance as he successfully carried out voice imitations of the characters.

He spoke about the challenges he faced in the process of researching facts and content for the book. The June 12 election is a very fragile topic in Nigeria today; Abraham Oshoko spoke of patriotism being the fuel that propelled him through the difficult times during the production of the book, and of how he was not afraid to face any hurdles thrown his way in the process.


The author with Patabah staff

The June 12 series isn’t over just yet! The author also mentioned that this publication is the second in a line of series, the rest of which will be released in due time.

Copies of June 12: The Annulment are available for sale on Kachifo Limited premises. 


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