Say You Love Me Six Times

Six coverHappy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for your tweets and comments; they have been a joy to read. Some have made us laugh till we cried; others have brought a smile to our faces and there were also many that made us a little sad because they were so poignant.

We posted some of our favourites but we had many many more.

If your story is here and you would like us to tweet it at anyone; direct message us with the twitter handle of the recipient.

  1. @stublogs: This year she is single. Hope!
  2. @amorebise: Jesus loved me enough to die
  3. @MsMeddle: Too much punctuation in our love
  4. @aymixsucre: “Still furious.” “Love you.” “Me too.”
  5. Dinah Ishaku: Never been loved. Always in love.
  6. @Spacyzuma: Dad. Mom. Meet. Sex. Pregnancy. Me
  7. @BonVivantUk: She got the house and kids
  8. @Cuba_Ukoh: I said “I love you” late.
  9. @dimeji90: Lonely Existence. Amazing Discovery. Eternal Bliss
  10. @enimasuen: “Then, now, forevermore; etched, wet concrete.”

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