Write Me A Love Letter


For centuries, love has been the subject of many literary works. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day (which is just 10 days away – hope you have your gifts ready), Farafina is bringing you some of our favourite love poems and letters. It will be 10 days of mushiness, and we invite you to join our little e-love fest. If you are looking for a poem to include on your valentines card, something to make him/her feel special, then follow our blog.

Just to give you an idea of what to expect from us:

Day 1: TODAY!!! Today, Farafina is bringing you their editor’s top ten love poems.

Day 2: We teach you how to write a sonnet and provide a few examples, so that you are better able to express your feelings to that special person.

Day 3: Farafina will provide you with some of the greatest (and possibly cheesiest) love lines in history.

Day 4: We will show you how to write a villanelle (another popular love poem form).

Day 5: Our fair readers, do submit your attempt at a sonnet/villanelle. On Valentine’s Day, we will publish the best five entries.

Day 6: Write us a 6-word love story and we will publish the top five on our blog.

Day 7: Farafina editor’s choice of the top ten love stories; and join in our convo about some of the Farafina characters and their love lives.

Day 8: Some Nigerian love poems to get you in the mood…

Day 9: Famous love letters so that you can learn from the greats.

Day 10: We will publish top five love poems and top ten six-word stories. If the writers want, they may supply the names and/or twitter handles of their valentines and Farafina will tweet the poem/story at them (you may remain anonymous if you so wish).

6 thoughts on “Write Me A Love Letter

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