Remembering Cesária Évora

The news of the death of Cesária Évora was received with great sadness by Cape Verdeans and music lovers all over the world. The Cape Verdean musical icon, popularly known as The barefoot Diva, was credited by many for putting Cape Verde on the world music map by performing their distinctive morna ballads.

Janine de Nouvais, in her article for The Paris Review Daily, writes:

Before Cesária Évora, being Cape Verdean meant being from an invisible country. When I was growing up in Europe in the early eighties, the islands I called home did not appear on the maps we studied in school…. I distinctly remember how this changed when Cesária Évora became a worldwide sensation. It was sudden and startling; I could now tell anybody I was Cape Verdean and expect them to reply with her name…

Cesária died on December 17 2011—of respiratory complications following a stroke and heart surgery—but her music and legacy will remain with us, filling our hearts and enriching our lives.

Enjoy this song by Cesária entitled “Petit Pays”.

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