Life after Farafina: Two former editors partner to start EditIQ, an editing company

Simidele Dosekun and Yinka Ibukun met at Kachifo Limited. Three years later, they have launched EditIQ, a company of their own which helps organisations and individuals produce writing that is clean, clear, and compelling.

“Even good writers need to be edited,” says Simidele, managing editor and chief operating officer of Kachifo for three years. “An independent eye will always help you improve your ideas and expression, as well as catch errors.”

EditIQ’s service is discreet and efficient, working with a network of freelance editors in Nigeria and abroad. It specialises in editing and proofreading reports, proposals, press releases, articles and Web content. It also offers a special package to jobseekers who want editorial support with their CVs and cover letters.

“Editing is too often taken for granted and that is what we want to concentrate on,” says Yinka, who turned to journalism after working as managing editor of Farafina Magazine. “But we are also putting together business writing workshops and CV clinics because we also want to teach people to edit themselves.” EditIQ will also be offering French-English translation services in the coming months.

To learn more about EditIQ’s services, please visit or email

For free writing and editing tips, and information about related training opportunities, events and more, you can sign up for EditIQ’s bi-monthly newsletter on their website, follow EditIQ on Twitter (@editiq) and join their Facebook page (


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