The 100 Book Challenge

Farafina Books,  in partnership with The Ovie Brume Foundation, has launched the 100 Book Challenge – a holistic literacy programme–to mark this year’s International Literacy Day. The launch of the programme, which took place on September 8, 2011 within the Ovie Brume Foundation premises, was set up to encourage  students, especially those in government schools, to read 100 books in a year by reading at least two books a week. The event also featured an interactive workshop with students on this year’s theme: literacy and peace.

Farafina Books supported this initiative by donating several copies of Zahrah the Wind Seeker by Nnedi Okorafor  and Chimamanda Adichie’s  Purple Hibiscus to the Ovie Brume Foundation Library, which students can visit any time to peruse the books available. We were so excited about this initiative and jumped at the opportunity to once again enrich lives, as we are dedicated to the  literacy and education of the Nigerian youth. 

The Ovie Brume Foundation was established in 2003 to provide young people with a range of recreational, social and educational opportunities, through which they will be encouraged to develop positive attitudes, discover their own gifts and talent, recognize the opportunities that are available to them and reach higher levels of achievement in all their endeavors.

There are several organizations and/or  individuals out there like the Ovie Brume Foundation that you can support, so please go out of your way to do good, help someone get educated (or at least begin the process of getting an education), and our country and the world at large will be a better place for it.


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