The Garden City calls all book lovers and sellers

Special Guests to the Garden City Literary Festival

Special Guests to the Garden City Literary Festival

The 4th Garden City Literary Festival begins in Port Harcourt on Monday, September 12th and runs until through Saturday, September 14th. The event which is fast becoming one of the most anticipated literary events in Nigeria will feature an International Literary Conference, book readings, theatre productions, interactive sessions with writers, publishers, academics and other literary professionals and a Book Fair with tons and tons of books to be sold.

Some of this year’s featured speakers are Chinua Achebe (he needs no introduction), Reverend Jesse Jackson from the USA and Ghanaian feminist and author Ama Atta Aidoo. Other speakers include authors Ilyas Tunc, Lisa Combrinck, Ken Wiwa, Chimeka Garricks , Michael Peel and Kachifo’s very own Eghosa Imasuen (author of To St. Patrick and forthcoming Fine Boys). Eghosa will be part of the panel for the Literature and War session chaired by Mr I.N.C. Aniebo on Wednesday September 14, 2011.

There will be ample opportunity to engage with writers and other renowned participants (think Chinua Achebe) and whether you love to read them or sell them, there’ll be books aplenty to buy at the Garden City Literary Festival Book Fair.

Of course Kachifo will be very much in the house so if you’re in Port Harcourt next week then please pay us a visit at the Book Fair. Our latest title Voice of America for which author E.C. Osondu won the Caine Prize, will be on sale as well as all of Chimamanda Adichie’s books, Burma Boy by Biyi Bandele (an excellent read by the way), Beem Explores Africa (which is back in print after selling out on the first print run!) amongst others.

What more can we say? See you in Port Harcourt!


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