E-books vs. paper books

Since the invention of the printing press around 1440, mass production of books (in print form) has been made possible, bringing about a change in the face and state of things throughout the world. However, in recent years, we have observed a blast in the popularity of the electronic books, thefore our interest in your opinion.

Book lovers all over, please  weigh in on this important question: Which would you rather read: an e-book or a paper book?

Please cast your vote in the poll below, and be sure to leave basis for your choice in our comments section.

4 thoughts on “E-books vs. paper books

  1. I prefer reading paper books… but as it’s often hard to source African literature here in Canada/US I will certainly read ebooks so that I can access them!

  2. I am a hard copy girl all the way. I bought and ereader and hardly ever use it, even when Netgalley release titles I’m dying for. I put them on it and then read the piles of actual books I have lying around. I like seeing both pages and not having to “flip” them all the time. I like feeling how much of a book I have left and how much I’ve gone through. I like to easily flip back a few pages to reread something that I missed. I also like paying money to have something substantial I can hold in my hands. Right now I have loaned my ereader to my mom, and I don’t really miss it at all.

  3. You need an option for “both”— “ebook vs. book” is a false dichotomy. For example, I prefer ebooks for anything I would have otherwise read as a mass market paperback, but I’d rather have a print book for art books, comics, and other large-format work.

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