At the Life House and Patabah event

Last weekend’s book readings with E. C. Osondu were fun all the way!

The events started on Friday, 22 July at The Life House with a brief biography of E. C. Osondu by the moderator, Abimbola Adelakun. We then listened with rapt attention to the Caine prize winner as he read excerpts of his collection of short stories from his book, Voice of America.

Next came the much anticipated question and answer session. E. C. Osondu was barraged with so many questions that there was barely time to take a breath, but of course, he was able to field questions posed to him in his calm way.

On Saturday, we moved on to Patabah Bookstore at the Adeniran Ogunsanya shopping mall. The lovely Wana Udobang moderated the event.

After reading from his book, the author gave his views on African literature and what inspired his short story collection.

When asked questions on his early days as a writer and how much rejection he got, Osondu replied with a smile saying, “I had tonnes of rejections.” The author went on to tell us that though he already had representation before he won the Caine prize, the award “helped in terms of visibility.” Other questions inquired of the author included how he writes, how he handles criticism, how much of his stories are based on reality, if the theme comes before the story or vice versa. Guests got their copies signed by the author, and two lucky people got free copies of the book!

Wish you had been there? Well, there will be another reading this Saturday, 30 July at TerraKulture, 3pm.

more pictures



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