What would you do?

He walked in, his feet feeling as if his shoes were made of heavy steel. He saw that his wife was alive; she looked at him and gave him a small smile’
‘’He is very dark, just like you,’’ she said , smiling wanly. What had she expected , that the baby would be white, because they lived among many white people?
“It is very unusual, just take a look at this,” the doctor said, lifting the baby’s upper lips.
He peered into the little mouth; the baby had a full set of teeth. He grabbed the doctor’s hands; the nurses and attendants were looking up to him like he held the answers and all he needed to do was open his mouth and give them a logical explanation.
The father was frightened .

An excerpt of E.C. Osondu’s book Voice of America. What would you do if you were this young man? Do you know or have you heard about anyone with a similar story?


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