Who is your best young African writer?

It goes without saying that a lot of young people are taking the bull by the horns these days. From Chibundu Onuzo, the 20 year old who got a publishing deal from UK publishing firm, Faber & Faber to Mo’Cheddah, the 20 year old award winning rapper, young people continue to prove that the younger the better.

We were reminded of this fact when we attended ‘An Evening with Adaora Mbelu’ organized by Blues & Hills Consultancy on Monday, the 4th of April, 2011. Not only were we impressed by the event flow but also by the fact that all the major organizers were published writers not older than 25. The guest for the day, Adaora, 24, had an amazing resume that could make 40 year-olds envious.

So to celebrate our young energetic people, we would ask that our readers name the best book by an African writer not older than twenty five that you have read. We would love to hear from you!


13 thoughts on “Who is your best young African writer?

  1. T’is very appalling that l take this new wing, but l cannot afford to backslide my personnal determination for the quest to satisfy another.
    CHINAMMADA and CREW should know that some stones are still yet to be turned-Some youths are rich in brain, but poor in pocket…COGITATE…do something…and don’t kill thier murstard potentials.
    Thank you.

  2. Actually i think some are still yet to come,that is,some who have everything it takes to be a great writer like Udokwu izuchukwu,madu chisom,nnamani chiemerie and others for those i really know because i know there are some really out there that need to be exposed to there world of reality

    • Thank you for your comment. Of course, there are many great undiscovered writers. Farafina remains committed to providing opportunities for these young ones through our literary events, creative writing workshops and writing competitions.

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