Golden Baobab Prize

The Golden Baobab Prize is an African literary award established in July 2008 to encourage the writing of African literature for children and young adults. It was established to inspire the creation of the best kinds of African stories that children and young adults all over the world will love.

This year, the organizers are searching for unpublished African-inspired short stories written for an audience of ages 8-11 years or 12-15 years. The stories should be written by African citizens however there is no restriction on age, race or geographical location.

The prize will award $1,000 to the best story in the junior category as well as the senior category and $800 to the most promising young writer (18 years and below). Beyond that, the Golden Baobab Prize offers to connect outstanding stories with African and international publishers. The Prize is open to African citizens of all ages. Deadline for submission is June 20, 2011.

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So if you are a writer of African children’s literature, here’s the chance to get recognition for your work!


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