The Chimamanda event!

Chimamanda reading from 'The Thing Around Your Neck'

Finally, the much talked about event, ‘An afternoon with Chimamanda’ took place last Saturday. As early as 2pm, guests had arrived and were waiting for the event to start!

Chimamanda started by reading an excerpt from The Thing Around Your Neck after which she answered questions from the audience. She revealed that she started writing at the age of five and got her first publication as a teenager. ‘I fell in love with books as a child’, she said. In ten years’ time, Chimamanda said she sees herself writing and impacting her society through arts and culture. Writing, she said requires a lot of dedication and commitment as she spent four years writing Half of a Yellow Sun. She disclosed that Half of a Yellow Sun was borne out of the need to fill a gap in family history. She encouraged upcoming writers to overcome rejection as this will boost their self-confidence.

On overcoming writers’ block, Chimamanda, who was named one of 50 most Inspiring African Feminists, says she tries to avoid it by stimulating her mind with the works of others or in extreme cases, she lies down to sleep! The event took an interesting twist when someone asked her if she was romantic! After the Q & A session, there was great music by Dolapo and three guests got book gifts. The event ended with book signing by Chimamanda.

It was a well spent afternoon judging by these pictures.

*As part of efforts to improve the political process, Chimamanda will be moderating a presidential debate on the 25th of March in Abuja. You can read about it here and here.


2 thoughts on “The Chimamanda event!

  1. It is in the mind of every young writer to be like my role model (chimamanda) because she writes like an esoteric gifted goddess.

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