Literature Texts for Students

The cover of one our best-selling titles, Purple Hibiscus, headlines an opinion piece entitled “Examination set texts and our literature” in NEXT newspaper today.
Reading the piece, we were at first a little alarmed that our book was included in the author’s lament about the poor choices of literature texts by NECO and WAEC.
However (phew!), the author finds our book to be an exception, stating that “Adichie’s ‘Purple Hibiscus’ can be said to be a good recommendation”.
We agree (and not just because we are the publishers), as Purple Hibiscus is written in accessible language yet touches on many challenging issues in Nigeria today: religious fanaticism, intolerance of difference, political violence and so on.

The article in NEXT can be found here

The author makes a lot of good points. We need to put pressure on the government to improve the quality of the school curriculum, across all subjects.
As Nigerian publishers, we also think students and schools must demand better quality books, in terms of content and production, from the local industry.
Our edition of Purple Hibiscus is of world-class production quality and sells to students for only N400!


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