Writers’ Residency

Welcome, all to 2011! How was the holiday? Hope you had a blast! Well, it’s a new year and we all have varying expectations. Our hope is that you surpass your expectations this year. Well, this year starts on a promising note as the Ebedi International Residency is calling on interested writers to participate in its’ residency programme. It sure sounds like fun! Enjoy!

The Ebedi International Residency is calling on interested writers to submit their applications to participate in its’ writers’ residency programme. The residency, taking place at the Ebedi International Writers’ Residency, Iseyin, Oyo State commences on January 17, 2011.

The programme established earlier this year and administered by a board including writers; Maryam Ali Ali, Uche Peter Umez and Alkasim Abubakar, requires selected writers to stay at the residence for a minimum of  four weeks and a maximum of six.

Applicants are required to include a CV, samples of works and a one-page description of the work to be undertaken at the residency in their application. Two letters of recommendation are also requested to be sent along with applications.

The residency is open to Nigerian and foreign writers. Writers living outside Nigeria should, however, note that they will be responsible for their flight, if selected. Kindly note that the offer is also open to writers writing in indigenous languages like Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and other African languages.

Works produced during the programme will be considered for publication. Writers will retain the rights to their work.

Selected writers will be expected to contribute to Iseyin’s educational development by organising a literary activity; a writing workshop or literary competition among secondary school students in the town during the duration of the program.

All applications must reach the secretary, Alkasim Abdulkadir, by midnight of January 7, 2011. They should be sent via e-mail to alkasim.abdulkadir@yahoo.com. They can also be sent to Akintayo Abodunrin at akinjaa03@yahoo.co.uk.



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