Nobel or not?

Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, award winning author of I Do Not Come To You By Chance, is no doubt a prominent voice in Nigerian literature. This alumna of University of Ibadan is not only a novelist but also an editor at NEXT newspapers.

Well, one of her articles is causing ripples right now. In this article, Adaobi postulated that African Literature didn’t need a Nobel prize right now. Is her opinion valid?

Well, we choose to remain neutral on this one and leave it open to you to judge. Enjoy reading and send in your comments!


4 thoughts on “Nobel or not?

  1. I disagree very strongly! Her article is patronising. It implies Africans cannot think for themselves. Maybe some Africans cannot, but we are many hundreds of millions strong! Secondly, what about poor Ngugi? He should not win a prize he arguably deserves because some group of people allegedly cannot think for themselves? Is he responsible for Africa? Can anyone be responsible for Africa? What is Africa, sef? Please! The arguments are too simplistic.

  2. Miss Adaobi makes sense to me, at least to an extent. The prizes are great, especially the Nobel but we gotta learn to do the job of being writers. This involves finding our own voices and it may mean moving outside the realms of the established and the conventional. But remember: when you win an award in any field, you set a standard for aspirants. Even Adaobi herself has aspirants who are out to be ‘the next Nwaubani’. Let us seek, find and keep our voices,awards or not.

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