A Review of Osemhen Akhibi’s ‘Assassin’s Creed’

Hey all,

Sometime last month, we announced the winners of the Farafina story contest. We also promised that the winning story would be reviewed by one of our authors. Well, we have done just that.

Eghosa at Infusion Book Reading in Abuja

Eghosa Imasuen, amongst other things described Assassin’s Creed as ‘a confident entry’. We have pasted the rest below. To read Assassin’s Creed, please click.

Anyone who has read my first book will not be surprised that I fell in love with Osemhen Akhibi’s short piece, Assassin’s Creed. Unashamedly genre, but very well written and honest in its portrayal of a single effect. This story, with its plot of a cold-blooded killer asking himself questions, confirms what Ernest Hemingway said about the short story, that the writer must have the iceberg in mind. 90% of what is important is left unsaid, but as you read this story, Akhibi’s conceit stalks you, hits you over the head and you find yourself supplying the unwritten history: Where has our assassin been? Why does he remember the numbers? Why does he chant them like a nursery rhyme? Why does he do what he finally does? A confident entry for this competition; and eerily prescient.

*Eghosa Imasuen is the author of To Saint Patrick.


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