Events! Events!! and more Events!!!

Farafina Book Readings: Isale-Eko Grammar School

Although the visit to Festac Grammar School did not hold as scheduled, we were at Isale-Eko Grammar School on the 20th with RoofTop Mcs. We had a wonderful time as RoofTop Mcs inspired the students. SoulSnatcha started by reading the first chapter of Purple Hibiscus. After that, he emphasised the importance of reading as the way to the top. He also confessed that he had learnt new words by reading that excerpt. Not only were the audience inspired but they also had a good laugh as Snatcha regaled the audience with tales of his ‘scattered teeth’ friend who got all the girls because he read a lot. SoKleva encouraged the students to read so as to avoid ignorance. Also, to encourage them to be more vocal, all the students who asked questions got Farafina wristbands and free cds from RoofTop Mcs. Farafina donated copies of Purple Hibiscus to the school library; the top students in English Language also received Farafina gift packs. Pictures will be up shortly or you can also visit our facebook page, for more information.

Farafina Literary Café

Our Farafina Literary Week has finally come and gone! It was a funfilled week of activities. The event kicked off on Thursday, the 21st with Farafina/Taruwa night. It was a full house (some people had to stand!) and fun all the way! There was poetry, spoken word, comedy, singing and performances by Bez, RoofTop Mcs and other invited artistes. Also, three members of the audience got free Farafina gift packs! On Friday, there was a writing workshop for children. Published writers such as Ayodele Arigbabu,(A Fistful of Tales), Robin Igwe, (The Land of Kalamandahoo) were on hand to teach the kids the rudiments of writing. Also, environmental activist and author, Sola Alamutu read from her book, Cate Saves the Ikopi Rainforest. Asides having a lot of fun as it was an interactive workshop, the kids learnt how to get ideas for stories and how to retain these ideas among other things. The week rounded off on a grand note on Sunday with Chill and Relax, a night of poetry and music.

Lest we forget, our short story competition is still on! Send in your original short stories (no articles or essays, please!) to Entries close on 31st of October, 2010. Please visit our blog, for guidelines.


2 thoughts on “Events! Events!! and more Events!!!

    • Thank you for your comment. There would be a book reading on Saturday, 6th of November at TerraKulture by 3pm. We hope to see you there! The book for review is To Saint Patrick by Eghosa Imasuen.

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