CelebrityRead Africa

On Saturday, 28th of August, 2010, scores of African literature lovers gathered at TerraKulture library to witness the debut of yet another literary event; CelebrityRead Africa.

CelebrityRead Africa, is an attempt  by Greenwich Media Limited to revive, though gradually, the reading culture amongst African youth, using the ‘celebrity power’. Three celebrities from three different industries are invited to read a small portion from their favorite African literature to a listening audience. After this, the audience would be allowed to ask questions, either about the book or about the celeb’s reading habit, and the answers would be provided by the celeb.

This edition had Tee-Mac, Ibiyemi and Timi Dakolo reading from their favourite books. Although the event started late, it was quite interesting. Tee-Mac started out by reading from his favourite book and performing the musical sections of the book. Ibiyemi(she released her debut album that day) read from Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta(a Farafina title!) and Timi evoked nostalgic feelings when he read from Things Fall Apart.

After the readings, there was a heated argument about the Nigerian reading culture. While some were of the opinion that Nigerians hardly read, others insisted that Nigerians read(otherwise, how do the publishers of Complete Sports record such a huge turnover!) Eghosa(a Farafina author) was also there and he opined that government officials need to be more proactive to be able to recommend good African books for schools.

It was quite interesting to see people relive the childhood memories of reading Pacesetters, Second Chance by Nyengi Koin, Chike and the River by Chinua Achebe amongst others. 

Through this event, it is obvious that more Nigerians are eager to do what Farafina is all about; Tell Our Own Stories.

We have pasted pictures of the event below. Enjoy!

Ibiyemi and Tee Mac


Tee Mac got a Farafina gift pack!

Cross section of the audience




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