Infusion @ Abuja


Eghosa reading from To Saint Patrick

The stage was set; there was excitement in the air; the audience was expectant; they had come from the nooks and crannies of Abuja to witness one of Abuja’s foremost literary events; Infusion.

Infusion is an event put together by Dapo Oyewole and Lola Shoneyin to celebrate African art, literature, music and entertainment. This month’s edition had Eghosa Imasuen(a Farafina author) reading from his book, To Saint Patrick. To Saint Patrick is a work of alternate history. Set in Benin city, it is a story of a federal agent and a police officer who while investigating a murder get entangled in a set of larger and more dangerous intrigues. The discussion at the event was varied: how Eghosa’s book is like vodka, innocuous-looking, like water, until you try it; how his mother encouraged him to write after reading about a young girl writing about horticulture (Chimamanda Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus); to serious issues, such as the need for Africans to tell and publish their own stories (incidentally, Farafina’s mission).  All agreed that it was time for more African writers to tell the African story to the world. The event, which had the creme de la creme of Abuja’s literary society in attendance, was lively, entertaining and most importantly, educative.

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*To Saint Patrick is available for N1,000.

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