Farafina Book Review @ Terra Series: Weaverbird

Do you seek to discuss topical issues that affect the Nigerian society, everyday issues like corruption, poverty, ‘aristoism’? Then join Farafina Books as we review Weaverbird Collection, a collection of short stories by award-winning Nigerian writers such as E.C. Osondu, Unoma Azuah and Tolu Ogunlesi. Stories in the Weaverbird Collection are lively, compelling and more importantly, they are reflective of the Nigerian political and cultural landscape. Come express your points of view, discuss thematic preoccupations, or maybe get writing tips from our accomplished moderators:  Tolu Ogunlesi, Victor Ehikhamenor, Tade Ipadeola and Ike Oguine.  What’s more? Farafina titles will be available for sale at amazing discounts! Who knows, you might even win a free book!  So, join us for a fun time at TerraKulture,Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island on Saturday, August 7, 2010 by 3pm. You can’t afford to miss this!


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