Badalisha Calls for Poetry Submissions

Badilisha! Poetry X-Change produced by the Africa Centre°, is an international poetry project based in Cape Town, South Africa. Badilisha! Poetry X-Change is now proud to announce a brand new dimension to the live poetry project; Badilisha! Badilisha!, is an online poetry radio station producing weekly pod casts of poets from Africa and the Diaspora. Weekly shows will be presented by South African writer and performance poet Malika Ndlovu. Badilisha! aims to encourage, expose and celebrate the work of African and Diaspora poets, answering to the need for an Africa-centred platform where African voices and works from all over the globe can be accessed and enjoyed, as well as serving as a networking space for these artists within and beyond the literary arena.

 We would like to invite you and/or your poetry network to submit recordings of their work to for pod casting.

Via email: Fill out the form at and then send the MP3 track(s) directly to project researcher Mimi Cherono Ng’ok, .

NB: Send only 1 MP3 per email to ensure that files are clearly identifiable and unlikely to result in time-outs during downloading. Please be sure to add your full name and contact details in the email message field.

A. Submissions Guidelines

Poet/Poetry Selection Criteria

1. Poet being resident in Africa or be part of the African Diaspora.

2. Writing and Performance / Recital of the work being of a high standard with dynamic expression and strong vocal delivery.

3. Professional-quality recordings or private recordings including live performances , as long as the sound quality is not compromised

4. Music vs. Voice Only. While pieces that contain music are accepted, the poet’s voice and poetry content must be the core focus. Also, if the piece is more “sung” than “spoken”, it is likely to be more appropriate for a music platform than this poetry portal.

5. Number of Pieces. We encourage poets to make more than one submission, up to and including entire poetry albums since this assists us in selecting the particular pieces best suited to our programme format. Some poet’s work may be featured three or four times each year, with pieces initially selected being broadcast in future programmes.

6. Transcripts and translations. Should your poetry not be written or recited in English, we require you to submit a good translation of the text or a summary (a minimum of 1 paragraph and maximum of 1 page) on the essential meaning of the poem and any other information you feel is relevant in terms of the content style and source/s of inspiration.


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