Penguin Prize for African Writing Announces Shortlist

In April 2009, our friends at Penguin Books announced a new literary award for African writers.  The award to be called The Penguin Prize for African Writing was to award the winning writer R50,000 and a publishing contract with Penguin Books South Africa with the possibility of distribution through the extensive Penguin Group  network worldwide.  Entries were to be submitted in two categories:  fiction and non-fiction.

We had written a little while ago about the lack of science-fiction and/or fantasy fiction amongst the acceptable genres of this award, especially given that African stories and folklores lend themselves very easily to such genres.  However, we are still pretty happy to see this renaissance of African writing across the continent and indeed across the world.

Without further ado, the team at Penguin Books SA have announced the shortlisted writers for this prize.  They are:

Fiction Category

Ellen Aaku (Zambia)
Moraa Gitaa (Kenya)
Chika Ezeanya (Nigeria)
Shubnum Khan (South Africa)
Isabella Morris (South Africa)
Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ  (Kenya)

Non-Fiction Category

Pius Adesanmi (Nigeria)
Andrew Barlow (South Africa)
Ruth Carneson (South Africa)
Ahmed Mortiar (South Africa)
Tanure Ojaide (Nigeria)
Anli Serfontein (South Africa)
Tebogo Tlharipe (South Africa)

We wish all the shortlisted Nigerian writers all the best luck, especially to Farafina author, Tanure Ojaide (of published Farafina title The Activist). Break a leg!

Pius Adesanmi


Tanure Ojaide


Chika Ezeanya

2 thoughts on “Penguin Prize for African Writing Announces Shortlist

  1. This is really nice…i would like to ask though, how new and upcoming writers can become a part of the Farafina family, in terms of publishing books and maybe writing for Farafina

    Congrats to all the shortlisted writers especially the Nigerians…more grease to your pens!

    • Thanks Miss Tee for visiting the Farafina Blog! We are indeed very proud of all the Nigerian writers that have made it through. You can send your manuscripts to submissions @ and someone will review and get back to you if we are interested in progressing.

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