Farafina Book Reviews @ Terra

Join us this saturday at Terra Kulture as we launch our Farafina Book Review at Terra Series.  Fabulous on-air personality and all around celeb Tosyn Bucknor will be on-hand to moderate the session and also discuss the genre of fantasy fiction in Nigeria and across the continent as a whole.  Many prizes and awards neglect this genre but could it be the most important one of all giving the African tradition of storytelling and the fact that many of our folklores lend themselves so easily to science/fantasy fiction?


6 thoughts on “Farafina Book Reviews @ Terra

    • Thanks for stopping by Harry. BookJam is a great program spearheaded by our friends at Auggust Media and which Farafina proudly supports. Both Book Jam and the Book Review at Terra will be fantastic ways to spend your Saturday. One of our goals this year is to expand the “literary circle” and bring even more people into the wonderful world of African contemporary literature. The more the merrier so if you can’t make either, we urge you to tell a friend! The more the merrier 🙂

  1. I have this book and found it a fantastic read. It held me spellbound from the first page. I did not sleep till I turned the last page and days after was still craving more.

    I am not a fan of the fantasy genre…or I have not been since I was a child. Zahrah the Windseeker rekindled that flame.

    I will definitely recommend it to anyone!

    • Thanks for your comments Sharon! We definitely think so and it’s one our favourite titles too. Stay tuned for many more events around this great book as we are trying to reach out to all of our readers to experience its characters and stories. It’s also on sale – now just N500 per copy!

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