Handa’s Surprise Named on Best Children’s Book List!

Imagine our joy and elation as we read through the Guardian UK Online Books Section (as we usually do) and we see that one of our favorites “Handa’s Surprise” by Eileen Browne, published in Nigeria by Farafina Books, was named on the list of Best Children’s Books Ever in the ages 0-2 category.  Of course here at Farafina we always publish the best books we can get our hands on so we’re not so much surprised at this but elated that others are confirming what we’ve known all along!

Handa’s Surprise is a story about an African girl called Handa who decided to take a basket of fruits to her friend Akeyo.  She spends the time wondering which fruit would be her friend’s favourite but unbeknownst to her, she meets some animals along the way who find the fruits irresistable!  It is Handa herself who is surprised at what she finds when she finally reaches her friend.

One thought on “Handa’s Surprise Named on Best Children’s Book List!

  1. Oh my God!!! I studied this wonderful book in my literature class in Babcock University. It had so many devices in it, that memories, ideas and concepts just started to flow back into my head gone stagnant from ‘acting my age’ (whatever that is supposed to mean).
    It is a great book. Great writing. I realised if you can’t use your eyes, you are blind. No matter how much you think you see. This work humbled me. It still does.
    I have to thank Mr. Pius Omole for this.
    I agree. It is a great work, all round. All round

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