Want to Start a Book Club?

Have you ever read a great book and wished you could talk to someone about it?  Or maybe you’ve thought about starting a book club before?  We’ve got news for you!

If you or anyone you know are interested in putting together a Book Club, or if you already run a book club, then I’m pleased to announce Farafina’s Book Club Program.  We are proud to work with and encourage different book clubs across the country.  As a registered affiliate in the Farafina Book Club Program, we will offer your members 10% off any of our titles that you chose and the official coordinator will receive a complimentary copy of the selected title.  Your book club will also receive alerts on Farafina events, special offers and discounts on books, and invites to some of our special programs when available.

To receive these benefits and more, all you have to do is formally register your Book Club with us by providing your book club name, location (s) where you generally meet, frequency of meeting, how many members you have, and the names and email addresses of your members.  Once you send your information to bookclub@kachifo.com, we will send you a catalogue of our books so you can get started!

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